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"How You Can Help"
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There are many ways in which an individual, club, church, neighborhood or business can help with this project.  Here are some ways you can contribute:

Monetary donations are appreciated.  We have joined Paypal which is a quick and easy way to make your contribution.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible.  We cash donations because we are able to purchase quilting supplies wholesale which allows us to purchase more for less.  Your donation also helps us pay for postage and other expenses.

Quilt Piecers are Needed.  We need quilt tops, backs and bindings.  All of the quilts are patriotic colors and should be at least 63x87 inches.  Many of the returning wounded service members like to wrap the quilts around themselves and look for the larger quilts.

Long Arm Quilters are needed.  Please e-mail or call if you are interested, we need you!        


American Hero Quilt Standards

Quilts should be made from 100% good quality cotton

Quilts should be approximately 63x87 inches.  We find that many of the soldiers need the extra length and width to keep warm.

The quilts should be red, white and blue fabric.

Backs should be 100% cotton and 10 inches larger on each side.  For example:  If the quilt top measures 63x87 inches, the back should be 73x97 inches.

Please don't use beige or white fabrics on the back.  Many of our injured soldiers have open wounds which can cause stains.

Binding should be cut 2 1/2 inches wide, at least 300 inches in length, and sewn diagonally rather than straight across.

Now you can contribute by paypal


American Hero Quilt Standards:
  • Quilt tops should be no less than 63" wide and 87" long up to twin size (69" x 90").
  • Quilt back fabric should be at least 5" larger on all sides.
  • Fabrics should be of good quality and 100% cotton.
  • Red, white and blue fabrics should coordinate well within the quilt to create a sense of pride and patriotism for adult recipients.
  • Fabrics that cannot be used on backs of quilts (the fibers from these fabrics can interfere with the healing process of wounds):
    • flannel
    • corduroy
    • fleece
    • fabric with sparkles
  • Fabrics that should not be used on backs of quilts:
    • light colored fabrics, muslin because some of our injured have open wounds which can cause stains
  • All fabric must be washed and ironed before it can be used. If you are not able to send the fabric ready for use, please
    e-mail us and we will have a volunteer contact you.
  • Fabric for bindings: 8 strips 42" long, and 2.5" wide. The fabric used for the bindings should be cut in strips from the width of the fabric. This is because the binding on a quilt is it's weakest point. If a lot of small pieces are sewn together for the bindings, it makes it even weaker. Thus...using longer pieces actually will increase the strength of the bindings and help maintain the quilt for a much longer period of time.
  • For those sewing quilt tops, please remember to trim all the threads from the back side of the quilt. It can take a long time to "fish" a piece of thread out of the top of the quilt after it has been long armed. We want to make our volunteer long arm quilters' work as easy as possible so that they have time to be creative, as well as complete the maximum amount of quilts.
  • Please see Contact Us for information on where to mail finished quilt tops, with coordinating bindings and backs.
Why do we have such stringent standards?
  • The wounded soldiers have fought for our freedoms, and are hospitalized to recover from injuries sustained during that fight. The civilian citizens of America should be grateful to these warriors for defending our freedoms.
  • Each quilt represents many hours of love and an opportunity to show the recipient that Americans do care about their sacrifices.
  • These quilts are considered "treasures" by those who receive them. Some recipients want to know how to frame them to protect them, as well as display them as a constant reminder that the sacrifices made are appreciated by the citizens of our fine country.
  • Often these quilts are enjoyed day after day by those who have received them, wrapping themselves in them as though they continue to receive the hugs they represent.
  • Some who receive these quilts want to pass them down to their own children because of what the gift represents.
  • American Hero Quilts are not made for just anyone. They are made for real American heroes. How could we not have standards for these gifts of love?
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