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Some comments from
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American Hero Quilts . . .

"We both held the quilt and ran our hands over the patterns and delicate stitchings you spent hours to create. The hug and the love you sent with the quilt were dearly felt and it will be cherished."
"I am one of the injured troops from Iraq. Thank you for everything you do and we the United States Soldiers really appreciate it all. To feel the love from our fellow Americans brings so much joy knowing that somebody cares. Once again, thank you and God Bless.”
“The soldiers from 2nd Platoon A Company would like to thank you and all those for the quilts…The quilts are beautiful, thank you.”
“I want to thank you for the beautiful quilt. There are so many beautiful ones it was hard to choose. Again, thank you very much.”
“…I have no family here and when I came they gave me a quilt. My wife and I still can’t believe that people would get together and make something so beautiful for someone they don’t even know. God Bless you all. Thank you.”
“………..our son was injured in a fire fight in Fallujah. When he arrived at Madigan they gave him a quilt, he treasured that quilt. We are sorry to say that he did not survive. I am writing to tell you that he wished to be buried with his quilt and we honored his request. Thank you for the love you put in the quilt and the fact that you did all that work for a stranger. We were all so touched.”
“A couple of weeks ago I was to receive my Purple Heart. Before they gave it to me they gave me a blanket made by you. I thought that was the best show of thanks and appreciation a person could do……………It means a lot to me to know that someone is willing to show their support to our troops in a way that is so personal and caring. It will be a treasure me and my family to cherish for the rest of our lives. Than you again and God Bless You."
"Thank you so much for the quilt.  While I appreciate the warmth it offers I could simply have bought a quilt to meet that need.  But, more importantly, it's knowing of the love that went into making this quilt that makes it so special to me.  I can never use it (and it is used every day) without thinking how someone took the time to create this for me.  From my heart to yours, thank you."


My husband was injured in Afghanistan.  . . .we are at Madigan Hospital at Ft. Lewis where he has been undergoing several surgeries.  He was presented this morning with one of your beautiful quilts.  Words could NEVER express the love and appreciation we feel.  As his wife, it has been hard being a single parent while he has been deployed.  I cried when we received this quilt today.  It was from someone that we will never meet, but the message it conveyed to us will never be forgotten.  This quilt will be one of our most treasured possessions.  Thank you for giving us a piece of love and comfort during this difficult time in our lives.  We are grateful more than you could ever know. 




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"To the quilt makers, my son got one of your beautiful quilts. Our family can not believe all the hard work and love you put into this beautiful, happy quilt. Please know that what you are doing makes an enormous difference. We will never forget your generousity."
"I was injured by an ied May 15, 2005 and one of the enduring things I remember and still have today was a quilt I received. Thank you for giving your time and being so very thoughtful. It means a lot to the Marines, sailors and soldiers! Thank you so much"
“…..Thank you so much for your gift of quilts for our wounded soldiers. …………… brother was shot and seriously injured at Balad Air Base. He was sent to Germany then to Walter Reed and then on to Madigan here in WA state. Within minutes of arriving in the ER he was given a quilt. I knew there were quilters across the country who were making quilt for soldiers but I didn’t realize the impact that they had on the soldiers or their families. ……………..Thank you.”

“A copy of your card was given to me by the soldier who in-processed the injured soldiers into Madigan. One of our soldiers flew in on Christmas morning. He was wounded in an IED explosion in Iraq while serving with Charlie Co/I-5SINF. His arrival on that day came as a bit of shock because we weren’t expecting him for a number of days. We scrambled together what goodies we could. Unfortunately it was just us there to greet him (his family couldn’t make it for a couple of days.) His face absolutely lit up when we gave him the quilt you made. He was deeply touched as were we. Thanks you so much for taking the time and effort your beautifully designed quilt made for a wonderful holiday surprise.”
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.  I received one of your quilts last week and absolutely love it.  It really brightens my day every time I enter my room.  Thank you for all of your hard work and taking the time to recognize troops both here and abroad.  It is really a great thing you are doing at American Hero Quilts."
"Saying thank you just doesn't seem enough.  I want you to know that we all appreciate your hard work and dedication to our service people.  You are all appreciated."
"I am a wounded soldier that received one of your quilts.  It meant the world to me when I arrived at Madigan wounded from combat.  My family was very thankful we have americans who care what happens to us all."

"Thank you for my beautiful quilt. I do not think I am a hero but it sure is nice how much brighter my room is with it. I am told I will get to take it home with me when I am discharged. I can't find words to explain how it makes me feel."
"To the makers of my beautiful blanket: Thank you so much for the time, effort and thoughtfulness that you put into this beautiful quilt. I will treasure it always."
"Thank you for the beautiful quilt which apparently many people together made just for him. He is still in a coma but that quilt covers him all the time and we make sure that the label telling him he is a hero is always showing. It helps us remember that our brave young son made such a sacrifice because he believed in our great nation."
“……….I have seen blankets that I thought were pretty but this is really pretty. I will keep it so everyone knows how special it is. I think it would be best to frame it, don’t you? Thank you for what you have done. You made me feel like Americans really care what we are doing.”

“……………To have a complete stranger show such an extreme act of kindness gives me hope and that it is going to be ok………………Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For what you are doing for the injured soldiers.
"My name is *******.  Last week at the Warrior Transition Battalion you presented my son with a hero quilt. . .We thought we had lost him emotionally and we despaired of ever getting him back. . .I just wanted to let you know that to us, this quilt is hope and to our son it is priceless.  Thank you so much for the honor you have done to my son.  From our family, thank you for helping bring our son back to us."

I am a nurse case manager at Madigan Hospital.  . . .I directly see and care for these soldiers you are generously helping.  Last week, I went to the Red Cross office at MAMC. . .and they suggested I drop by the public affairs office to see the quilts.  I was amazed at the beauty of these quilts!  Each is unique and each was made with loving hands and from someone in your group who is reaching out to help a soldier.  Saying Thank You just doesn't seem enough.  I want you to know that we all appreciate your hard work and dedication to our heroes.  They love receiving your gift.  You are all appreciated.